***If staying 14 nights or more the monthly rate will be the most cost effective choice.

Additional day's based off of $700 Weekly will be charged at $100.00+ $12.00 Tax = $112.00 / night.

Additional day's based off of $800 Weekly will be charged at $114.29 + $13.71 Tax = $128.00 / night.

Additional day's based off of $1,650 monthly will be charge at $55.00 / night.

Additional day's based off of $1,800 monthly will be charged at $60.00 / night.

Rates & Policies

Children 13- 17 years accepted. Property is not suited for children younger than 13 as home is not Child Proof and Water Hazard!! Your planned stay up to a month must be paid for at check-in time. Then monthly thereafter. 
** 12% sales tax on all stays less than a month.  Monthly stays are tax exempt in Indiana.                                                   
Credit cards accepted with a charge of 3% added to cover user fees. Additional days added to stay will be billed at rate equal ratio to base rate selected. Ask about ​Cash discount!

Families with children are welcome in the Pines Cabin.


Rates and policies / Guest check-in sheet Note steps required to access guest area!

Currently taking inquires for March to Mid-June 2022. Mid-June to Mid August is booked.

Whispering Pines Lodge

 ​NO SMOKING ALLOWED ANYWHERE! If something is smoking it had better be a campfire or your stay will be extinguished!!

Rates based on number of guestsWeekly- TaxedMonthly- Tax Exempt
Lodge (using one bed)Up to 2 Adults$800 + $96 Tax = $896
$2000= $66.67/night
Lodge (using two beds)3+ Guests using two beds$1000 + $120 Tax = $1120
$2250= $75/night
Pines Cabin (No Vacancy)Couple using Queen Futon$700+ $84 Tax = $784

Check-in Form and Liability Waiver

Whispering Pines Lodge Bed & Breakfast 
Kathy & John Fribley
3190 County Road 36 
Auburn, IN 46706-9450

260-333-0844 Kathy 260-925-3666 John

        Under Indiana law, an agritourism provider is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in agritourism activities at this location if the death or injury results from the inherent risks of agritourism activity.
        Inherent risks of agritourism activities include risks of injury inherent to land, equipment, and animals as well as the potential for you to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to your injury or death, or for other participants to act in a manner that may cause you injury or cause your death.
        You are assuming the risk of participating in this agritourism activity.
As added by P.L.3-2011, SEC.1.

Some dangers known to exists and are being disclosed to the participants are the potential for your injury or your death are due to falling tree branches or trees, land ruts or holes, animal holes, animal waste, slippery conditions, improper use of watercraft, loose, broken or missing dock boards, any activities involved in or around water, animal and insect bites and stings, ticks, noxious weeds. 

We the undersigned do herby fully waive, release and agree to hold harmless, individually and jointly, being desirous of staying at Whispering Pines Lodge Bed & Breakfast and the Pines Cabin and participating in fishing, boating, swimming, cycling, hammock use or other permitted activity upon property owned by John M. and Kathy S. Fribley and all adjoining property owned by William T. Fribley, Catherine S. Price, Alice E. Ong and John M. Fribley (Dekalb County, Union Township Sections 20 and 21) are also covered by this waiver, do hereby specifically and knowingly release and hold harmless John M. and Kathy S. Fribley, by William T. Fribley, Catherine S. Price, Alice E. Ong and their heirs, executors, assign, employees, tenants and agents from any claim, liability, demand, judgment, injury, illness, or loss or damage to personal property which is incurred or suffered by the undersigned upon said property as a result of his or her occupancy thereof or as a result of the use or occupancy thereof by others. This waiver is intended to be binding upon all heirs, executors, administrators, insurers or other legal representatives as of the date affixed next to the signature below. You further agree to hold all parties harmless and bind your spouse, heirs, successors, children and any interested party from putting forth any lawsuit for any reason against the above parties. You also agree to indemnify against any third-party actions arising out of your own acts.  Children under eighteen years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must be listed on this waiver by name. Relationship of the adult waiving liability for minor(s) must be stated hereon. Each name must have an appropriate signature on the line. 

Additional Warning- any smoking inside or outside and littering is prohibited and is cause for immediate eviction without refund and is subject to additional clean-up fees to correct any violation. No fish cleaning in or around buildings. Proper disposal of waste required! Pets are prohibited! You also agree to indemnify against any third-party actions arising out of your own acts. You agree to follow all posted and verbally discussed rules. The rules and waiver are in effect for the duration of your stay.
Guest’s Names (All over 18 years must sign and registered. Any guest under 18 years of age must have parents or legal guardian signature and relationship shown on form.)

Only registered guests are permitted on the property and use of the property!

Name                                                    Signature                                       Parent/Guardian                                   Date                                  

Name                                                    Signature                                       Parent/Guardian                                   Date                                 

Name                                                    Signature                                       Parent/Guardian                                   Date                                  

Name                                                    Signature                                       Parent/Guardian                                   Date                                  

Name                                                    Signature                                       Parent/Guardian                                   Date                                  

City                                                                                                                                                State                                       Zip Code           
 Phone(       )                                                                             Cell Phone(       )                                                                                                   

Vehicle Make                                                                         Vehicle Model                                       Vehicle Color                                        
Vehicle License Plate No.                                                                             State of Issue                                                                                
Vehicle Make                                                                         Vehicle Model                                        Vehicle Color                                       

Vehicle License Plate No.                                                                             State of Issue                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

You must be at least 21 years of age to make a reservation and at least one staying guest must be 21 years of age. The Renter agrees to take full responsibility for any accident; injury or damage that may result in or about the premises, to persons or property and that Whispering Pines Lodge Bed & Breakfast and the Pines Cabin and John M. Fribley and Kathy S. Fribley jointly or independently shall not be held liable, or responsible for such injury, accident or damage. All above are referred to as (WE/ US) hereafter.  The Renter assumes all charges incurred and or damages to the premises, structures, or contents, during the stay, caused by the reserving party or its guests. WE reserve the right to charge the Renter's credit card for any damages or excessive cleaning from your stay. If you notice any problems upon checking in, please inform us immediately to avoid any damages being charged to your account. WE assume no responsibility for damages or loss of items belonging to our guests. The Renter agrees to vacate the premises in clean condition and in as good of a condition as when entering. Inspection of the premises will be made by US after termination of the rental period.
Any missing items will be charged the appropriate replacement cost plus labor. Do not rearrange any furniture or appliances. Do not decorate without written approval i.e. No silly string, or Christmas lights. No use of tape or adhesive on any surfaces. Do not disconnect, alter or add electronic appliances to the television system. As for any missing or damaged items, we will send you an itemized statement within 7 days of your departure. Examples of additional charges: $25.00 per hour, per staff member for additional cleaning, $25.00 for reconnection of the TV, VCR, DVD or Satellite System. $15.00 per Missing/Ruined Linens or Towels. See Charge List for Facility Damages below. 
Rates are based on guest minimums per accommodation /per night. Each additional adult guest is $25.00/person/night. Children ages 3-16 are $15.00/person/night. Children ages 0-2 are free. Rates do not include a 7.00% State Sales Tax and a 5.00% Bed Tax. All rates and taxes are subject to change without notice. No tax is charged on monthly stays, but full month must be paid in advance.
50% deposit is required for all reservations (Lodge & Cabin) payable by Check or Cash. Balance is due on  arrival.
Reservations made 2 weeks or less from intended arrival will pay the entire balance due at the time of reservation.
The REGISTERED GUEST INFORMATION form must be on file before your arrival and to complete your reservation. WE request a final registered guest occupancy count at least (2) weeks prior to arrival. 
WE reserve the right to close off unused bedrooms in the lodge when booking only one room.
All guests must be registered and visitors authorized by Whispering Pines Lodge and the Pines Cabin.
Day Visitors (those not spending the night) will be charged $15.00 per person/per day. This allows them to join you on walks around the property and to venture out on the docks or water.
Responsible children are welcome. All children must be under adult supervision at all times.
Fireworks, loud parties, music or sounds, illegal use of drugs are not permitted. Tents, campers or outdoor equipment are only permitted when they have been registered for camping.  Open fires are only permitted in the designated fire pit by the shore of the pond.
Occasionally appliances, coffee pots, TV’s, etc, can malfunction. WE will service and restore these amenities as quickly as WE can, but are unable to make any rental concession for time without these items. Likewise, loss of electricity, water, or other "Acts of God or Nature" that are outside of our control will not result in a refund. WE ask that you follow all guidelines and policies regarding use of amenities in order to keep them functioning at peak efficiency. Failure to do so may result in damage or excessive cleaning charges.
WE will respond as soon as possible to clear snow and ice from driveways and sidewalks. However, four wheel drive is recommended in the winter at our facilities.
Whispering Pines Lodge and the Pines Cabin are SMOKE FREE inside and outside. A $500.00 cleaning fee for smoking inside and/or $10.00 per cigarette butt found outside your facility will be charged to the credit card on file.
NO PETS PERMITTED ANYTIME! If pets are found in your facility, you will be asked to leave with no refund. Any pet damages will be charged to the credit card on file. Charges will be determined based on the amount of damage incurred.
Our facilities are located in a rural setting. Insects and animals are a part of this environment. No refunds or abatements in the rent will be made due to the presence of such insects or critters.
Bring old towels or rags for wiping boots, etc and gear for fishing & hiking.

Check-In Check-Out and Cancellation Policies

WE request an approximate time of arrival. Check In: 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm. Please call to see if an earlier check-in is possible.  Check Out: 10:00 AM weekdays, 12:00 Noon on Saturday or Sunday.  WE are unable to accommodate late check outs.
$50.00 Cancellation Fee for each room or cabin.
Refunds are given on the following formula: 
32 days or more notice from scheduled arrival - Full Refund of Deposit minus the cancellation fee. 
22- 31 days notice from scheduled arrival - 50% Refund of Deposit plus the cancellation fee. 
21 days or less (including last minute reservations) – No refund of deposit plus the balance due will be charged to the credit card on file. WE will attempt to rebook your accommodation but there are no guarantees. 
In the event of an early departure or in the case of inclement weather, WE are unable to give any kind of refund except on monthly stays that have gone beyond one month.

Facility Damage Fees

$10.00 per cigarette butt found at your facility
$15.00 per missing/damaged Linen, Bath Towel or Kitchen Towel
$15.00 per any missing silverware, dishes, or other kitchen accessories
$25.00 per missing/damaged Rugs
$25.00 per hour/per staff member for excessive cleaning 
$25.00 per reconnection of TV, VCR, DVD, Wireless Internet & Cable TV Systems
$25.00 per damaged deck cushion (i.e. cigarette burns, rips or tears)
Cost of damages will be determined for rips, stains, marks, cigarette burns¸ etc on furnishings and carpet in the facility. 

Whispering Pines Lodge
John & Kathy Fribley
3190 County Road 36
Auburn, IN 46706-9450